Harrison Lucas

👋 Hi I'm Harrison Lucas, a software engineer from Australia, currently living and Working in the UK. Currently into Elixir and functional programming.
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Cleaning up your Elixir Code

August 11, 2019

You know you should be writing clean code, but you don't know always know how. Hopefully this helps.

Benefits of a Statically typed Language

March 15, 2018

In an attempt to improve my knowledge of functional programming, I decided to jump into the highly praised, Haskell Programming: from first…

Quickly See which processes are hogging CPU

July 01, 2017

Recently I watched a fantastic talk from Saša Jurić, which goes through a lot of the internals of the how the BEAM VM works. If you haven’t…

ETS - Async Reads & Writes

June 01, 2017

ETS is an exceptional tool that I feel is greatly under-used in the Elixir world. This talk by Claudio from Erlang-Solutions highlights a…